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Water Damage/Flood Restoration

Water damage/Flood Restoration 

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Our technicians are fully trained and experienced in dealing with almost any type of flood from large house or factory floods to multi-storey apartment blocks.
We have one of the largest range and amount of drying equipment of any company in the industry.
We use the latest technology in flood and fire damage restoration and have a team who can respond within 90 minutes.

Moisture detection

Moisture probe for carpets, underlay, flooring and pet contamination
Non-invasive (non penetrating) surface meters to measure moisture content in walls and hard surfaces
Hammer probe with meter for intrusive measurement of wet timber framing of internal walls
Thermo hygrometer for measuring moisture content in the air in flooded environments

Water extraction

Truck mounted machines for deep water extraction and removal
Portable machines for apartments and locations with difficult access
Waterclaw tools for double-stick carpets and weighted water removal from underlay when carpet cannot be lifted
(we can extract water without electricity or water supply and safely dump water off site)

Carpet drying

Commercial air movers for surface drying, uplifted carpets and floated carpets
Axial fans for wet floors, carpets and surface drying
Industrial dehumidifiers to extract moisture from wet environments
(our dehumidifiers are fitted with automatic water pump out and do not require constant emptying)

Structural drying

Invasive drying by exposing wet walls, ceilings for timber framework drying
Injectidry structural drying systems where dry air is pumped into wet wall cavities
Large drying panels used in conjunction with our Injectidry system for wet wooden floors and floor surfaces
Skirting board removal to dry bottom plates and the bases of wet walls if required
(wet walls can be drilled at wet areas or wall base or through skirting boards to avoid unnecessary and expensive wall board removal)

Factory drying

Our factory is used to dry wet carpets and contents where these contents have to be removed from water damaged areas
We can clean, dry, restore and house, water and fire damaged contents


Flood Restoration Process

We respond quickly to save affected carpets and furnishings. Using powerful leading drying technology, we can dry on-site in nearly all cases, restoring carpets and fabrics saturated with water to their original condition.If needed, we can also remove carpets and furnishings to our specialized off site facilities.
  1. On the initial call-out, we use leading technology to detect moisture within the walls & carpets and give accurate readings.   Water is then extracted from carpets and flooring using powerful truck mounted equipment. Using specialized equipment such as a water claw which extracts water from deep below the carpets. Using a specialized antimicrobial solution we treat the affected carpets and steam clean on the Initial visit to eliminate any water staining that may occur.
  2. Sections of carpet and / or underlay will be uplifted and either left to dry onsite or we bring to our offsite facility.
  3. Drying equipment is selected from a range of specialized air movers & dehumidifiers, according to requirements. In some cases our Injectridry structural drying system will need to be set up for walls, ceilings and skirting boards. This allows for effective structural drying.
  4. Correct drying is monitored to reduce the possibility of staining and / or de-lamination, and to completely dry the affected room.
  5. Service calls will be arranged from our Operations Department as necessary to monitor the moisture levels in the affected floorings and surfaces. Weather conditions will affect the speed of drying.
  6. When all the affected areas are dried, our highly experienced technicians will come and re-stretch and relay your carpets and underlay. In some cases the underlay will need to be dumped. In this case we will supply and fit the appropriate underlay to match your existing.
  7. Carpet and furnishings are sanitized, deodorized, steam cleaned and treated for staining as required. 

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Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your absolutely awesome service! It was just amazing to get my ceiling sorted and dry in such a short time. I am blown away (no pun intended) by your customer service ( a fairly little job in comparison to some I'm sure), fast acting, professional. great communication. 
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At Auckland Restoration & Cleaning, we take pride in our work and the knowledge that we have the expertise and resources to resolve and restore all your water damage disasters. We are an approved supplier for some of New Zealand’s most

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