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Problem Carpet & Rug Stains - Symptom Your brand new carpet is about to have a permanent birthmark and the supermarket offers so many DIY solutions.  Which one is best and how much time do you have?

Tip: Call us now 0800 22 23 22. Its not just what you use but how you use it and how the stain has been treated in the interum and yes time may have already run out. Call us now! 0800 22 23 22 or click here for a quote     

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Problem: Irremovable Stains:  You tried to do it yourself, you employed the wrong company and the stain appears to be permanent.  Well perhaps it is.  Give us a call and we'll see what we can do.  Perhaps we can invisibly cut it out and replace it with a bit of similiar carpet from a wardrobe.  

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Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your absolutely awesome service! It was just amazing to get my ceiling sorted and dry in such a short time. I am blown away (no pun intended) by your customer service ( a fairly little job in comparison to some I'm sure), fast acting, professional. great communication. 
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At Auckland Restoration & Cleaning, we take pride in our work and the knowledge that we have the expertise and resources to resolve and restore all your water damage disasters. We are an approved supplier for some of New Zealand’s most

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