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Site Health & Safety Information Sheet
During the restoration process of your property all care will be taken to ensure it is restored to its pre loss condition as soon as possible.  The guidelines below are intended to identify hazards that may arise during that process and prevent any harm to yourself, your family and any visitors that may result.
Please take time to read and understand these guidelines.  If further information or clarification is required, please speak with our Technician or contact our office on 0800 22 23 22.
  1. Please do not handle, move or adjust any drying equipment left at your property.
  2.  If any drying equipment turns itself off or malfunctions, please contact ARC’s office as soon as possible.  If necessary switch power to the unit off at the wall.
  3.  Do not cover or place any objects on, against or near any drying equipment operating at your property.
  4.  Do not touch any electrical equipment or switches with wet or damp hands.
  5.  When dehumidifiers are in operation, affected areas or rooms must remain sealed for the equipment to operate effectively.  Please avoid entering any affected sealed areas or rooms.
  6.  Please keep children and animals away from all drying equipment.
  7.  Please exercise care when walking from a wet floor onto a hard surface as you may slip and injure yourself.   
  8.  Tack strips (smooth edge) may be exposed if carpets have been lifted or removed from your property.  Our Technicians will cover them to avoid harm or injury.  If the covering comes loose, be aware tack strips are dangerous and may cause injury.  Please avoid contact with any that are exposed.
  9.  Please contact ARC’s office immediately if carpets begin to flap or move during the restoration process.
  10.  Any damage involving sewage must be treated as a hazard and is unsafe.  Entry into any affected area or contact with any contaminated surfaces or objects must be avoided.
  11.  If any occupant of your property is sensitive to allergies, please inform our Technician.
  12.  If an occupant of your property experiences any respiratory or allergic problems during any restoration process, please seek immediate medical assistance and advise us accordingly.
  13.  If a mould inhibitor is to be used in your property, our Technician will inform you and you will be asked to vacate your property for a short period of time.     
 If you are concerned  about any aspect of safety or have any questions about equipment being used or the work being undertaken at your property, please speak to our Technician or contact our office on  0800 22 23 22 immediately. 

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Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your absolutely awesome service! It was just amazing to get my ceiling sorted and dry in such a short time. I am blown away (no pun intended) by your customer service ( a fairly little job in comparison to some I'm sure), fast acting, professional. great communication. 
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